Today Apple released the new App Store for Mac. Despite lots of negative response and some early issues, it seems this way of buying and downloading software for your Mac is here to stay.

I won’t go into how long it took to install on my MacBook, how it already screwed up at least one of my purchased applications (Panic’s Candybar) and how the App Store seems to take hold of your life. Instead: here’s a list of the coolest games the new App Store brings.

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1 Angry Birds for Mac

Price: $4.99

Let’s just start with the obvious winner. Angry Birds has been the single biggest game for smartphones and tablets in 2010 and now tries continuing the legend in 2011 for the bigger screens.

Top 5 Free and Paid Games in Mac App Store   angry birds mac app store catapult game

2 Flight Control HD for Mac

Price: $4.99

Also a big hit for smartphones, this originally finger-controlled funny puzzle ¬†game flew it’s way to your Mac.

Top 5 Free and Paid Games in Mac App Store   flight control hd mac app store puzzle game

3 Poker HD

Price: Free

It’s free. It’s poker. It looks sweet. Go for it.

Top 5 Free and Paid Games in Mac App Store   poker hd mac app store card game free

4 Chopper 2

Price: 80% off during App Store launch sale (discounted price $0.99)

This one’s pretty cool. The game itself is pretty basic, but it can be remote-controlled with your iPad or iPhone. Currently there’s an App Store launch sale, which means it’s only $0.79 for a limited time only.

Top 5 Free and Paid Games in Mac App Store   chopper 2 mac app store action game

5 Solitaire Greatest Hits

Price: Free

The greatest “singleplayer” card games. For free!

Top 5 Free and Paid Games in Mac App Store   solitaire greatest hits mac app store patience game free


  1. Wooow what a great list!! I already play to Solitaire Greatest Hits and Poker HD, and I would love to try Chopper 2, it looks pretty good! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Dead on with angry birds. Its on my mac and my phone and took away like 40% of my productivity time. Addictive games… Grr…


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