1Black Licorice & Root Beer

Black licorice is a flavor that most either love or hate. There is no riding the fence on this. Root Beer is much the same, so I find this combination to be quite odd. I would say this Doughnut must surely have an interesting odor as well. Perhaps it smells like a car air freshener. You will have to let me know, should you get the opportunity to sample one.

2Margarita & Strawberry Margarita

When country singer Alan Jackson sang, “its 5 o’clock somewhere”, I don’t think he meant those early morning hours in a Doughnut shop. However, turning a favorite cocktail into a breakfast pleaser is very clever. Should I get the opportunity, I will be grabbing one of these delectable treats.

3Green Tea

I was always taught that a food containing yeast is not supposed to be eaten once it turns green. Green Tea Doughnuts do not look or sound good. Please don’t take away my happy feeling by giving me a Doughnut that is healthy.


4Red Bean Jam

Popular in Japan, these sound absolutely terrible although it is a common staple for them. I am so thankful that my first Doughnut was filled with sweet and sticky goodness, rather than Red Bean Jam.

5Bacon & Maple Syrup

This is an interesting Doughnut, combining two common American breakfast flavors. While your cholesterol levels may beg for mercy, your ‘feel good’ endorphins are having a big party when you consume this naughty treat.

6Molasses & Pear

Am I the only one that thinks molasses needs pecans, not pears? I have never been a huge fan of pears, and molasses reminds me of delicious deep dish pecan pie. Now that’s a Doughnut this southern girl would buy in a heartbeat!


I have never had an opportunity to see or smell the likes of a Pumpkin Doughnut. I assume it would be tinted orange. As long as there is no green coloring representing a stem, count me in.

8Raspberry Lemonade

These are both really great flavors, and I have been fortunate enough to have a raspberry filled Doughnut on several occasions. They are quite delicious and satisfying. Adding lemonade would create a sour taste, but blended with a sticky sweet raspberry flavored Doughnut, the combination could be love at first bite.

9Rosemary Olive Oil & Chorizo Cheddar

I am without words… this can’t be a Doughnut. As a breadstick, this might be awesome. I didn’t include it in this list, but Garlic Doughnuts and Rosemary Olive Oil with Chorizo Cheddar both belong alongside a dinner plate.

10Bubble Gum

Probably more of a children’s favorite than a Doughnut connoisseur’s, this Doughnut does sound fun to eat. Depending on the flavor of the bubble gum used, this one might be quite nice. Fruit flavored gum seems to be appropriate.

Image by pixaio

Image by pixaio

11Mojito & Banana Daiquiri

As cocktails, both the Mojito and the Banana Daiquiri are made with Rum so I must assume these flavors would go well together. In addition, my favorite cocktail just happens to be the Mojito, so it would be wrong to deny myself of this Doughnut.

12Dry Pork & Seaweed or Wasabi & Seaweed Cheese

There was a tie for last place on my list, so I have included them both. Seaweed in healthy, and therefore has no business trespassing on my delectable, sticky goodness.