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Most dog lovers already know that chocolate is highly toxic to their canine companions. The concentration of the alkaloid compound theobromine in a single bar of chocolate is enough to cause intestinal distress to a typical 20lb dog. The pet may experience nausea, vomiting, increased urination, and diarrhea. If excessive amounts of chocolate are consumed, this can spiral into a potentially deadly set of severe cardiac and central nervous system symptoms. That’s chocolate. But what other household items can be deadly for your dog? You might be surprised.

1 Onion and Garlic

Cooked or uncooked, these common kitchen staples cause hemolytic amemia in both dogs and cats, and should be kept far from your furry friends.

2 Grapes (and raisins)

Similar to onions and garlic, grapes and their dried variant are bad news for the pooch. Contact a veterinarian immediately if you suspect your dog weighing about 20 lbs may have consumed as few as 10 raisins or grapes. For smaller dogs, less grapes or raisins are toxic.

3 Macadamia Nuts

It only takes about 6 shelled macadamia nuts can cause severe muscle weakness, and even paralysis, in dogs. The primary paralysis presents in the hind quarters and is of limited duration if quick consultation from a veterinary surgeon is obtained.

4 Alcohol

Only a small amount of beer, or other alcohol, is needed to put your pet at risk for great harm. Coma and death can result unless an emergency trip to the veterinarian is made fast. Activated charcoal is usually given to absorb alcohol that may still be in the stomach, but this won’t help the amount already in the bloodstream. Alcoholic beverages aren’t the only things to watch for; also keep perfumes, rubbing alcohol, aftershaves, and raw bread dough away from your dog.

5 Coffee grounds and tea

The caffeine in these products cause similar symptoms to chocolate toxicity, with intestinal and neurological impairment at relatively low levels of ingestion. Since these are powerful stimulants, your dog may experience cardiac arrest or even death. Contact the veterinarian immediately if you believe your dog has eaten coffee grounds or tea leaves (either discarded, brewed ones, or dry and fresh.)

6 Tobacco products

Tobacco is bad news for humans and animals alike, and should be avoided at all costs – but so can the Nicotine patches and gum you may be using to try to quit smoking. All of these can cause tremors, constricted pupils, increased salivation and drooling, hallucinations, racing heart, and seizures, eventually leading to circulatory collapse.

7 Tomato leaves and stems

The seemingly benign tomato poses a real and present danger to your dog, if the leaves and stems fall into his reach. The danger here is in the tropane alkaloids the leaves and stems contain. Ripened tomato flesh does not usually cause toxicity in dogs, but even that, in large amounts can be very harmful. Keep tomatoes away from your pet.

About the author: Melonie enjoys writing about pets, travel, and www.directsattv.com.

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