Top 10 Most Famous Psychologists in History

Psychology is an exciting field that has seen a lot of changes since its early days. Some of the most famous psychologists are those who have produced the most noteworthy milestones in the field. Here are some of the most famous psychologists, and what each one is best known for.

1 Ivan Pavlovivan-pavlov-most-famous-psychologists

  • Full name: Ivan Petrovich Pavlov
  • Born: 26 September 1849
  • Died: 27 February 1936 (aged 86)
  • Nationality: Russian
  • What Pavlov was known for: Practically everyone has heard of Pavlov’s dogs. Pavlov wasn’t technically a psychologist, but he made one of the most important discoveries in the field, and had a major hand in establishing psychology as an area of study. Pavlov is the one who recognized that responses to stimuli could be learned, based on his studies of dogs.

Don’t become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin. -Ivan Pavlov


  1. Difficult question to answer without knowing what part of his work you are referring to. I would say Carl Jung because both of their work is very solidly effected by exploring the human psychological connection to religion and spirituality. As contemporaries, they both contributed greatly to transpersonal and para psychology

  2. I didn’t know Sigmund had a daughter. Like father like daughter.

  3. Why is there no comment of Timothy Leary, he played a huge part in psychology as we see it today.

  4. well these arnt the phycoligists i was looking for

    • what were you looking for then Zach?

      • Spell check.

  5. bradley was the pioneer of psychology, i astonished , no disbussions or comment on them and their work!?!

  6. any local women wanna meet?

    • For meeting ‘local women’ choosing the name ‘Ted Bundy’ is a little suspicious…

  7. I would say this is a great list Sietse. Thanks!

  8. This is a great list!! I have to choose a scientist to research and I want to do a psychologist, but this list makes it really hard! Anyone have a suggestion? Also, I’m interested in how the human body works!

  9. The list is great.I think Sigmund Freud should top the list he is more pronounced.

  10. Sigmond Freud,Erik Erikson,B.F.Skinner and Jean Piagent are the most great psychologists universally who are refered by many scholers in different colleges and Universities in psychology career.

  11. these psychologists are so good!!
    i want to be like theme or
    be one of them someday hahaha!

  12. sigmund freud should be at number as his contribution to psychology is 1 that every one is interested in and wants to know more about there for makes him the most famous

  13. sigmund freud is coooooooooooool :p

  14. hi could anyone help me out im struggling 2 find a psychologist who used the survey method.

  15. salut quelqu’un pourrait-m’aider de trouver les grands psychologue qui parles du développement de l’enfant

  16. Psychology is defined as activity of a human behavior.

    Remember These Lines

    “If a person says lies that person will always be in a Tensed state and not lead a peaceful life”
    Whereas “If a person says Truth that person will always be in relaxed state and lead peaceful and happy life”
    Because being Truth to everyone our Energy,Motivation and confident Level increases.This is true



    It is not where you were or where you are but where you want to go that is important.
    Always work to a plan.
    Have your targets clear.
    SMART GOALS are important.
    Don’t limit your challenges;CHALLENGE your limits.
    Remember the proverb “Rome was not built in a day”
    Always control your mind.Because controlling the mind is important to us.If any situation happens to you it may be difficult or any other situation may be controlling our mind helps us to think positively and you can perform your task perfectly.So always control your mind you can find a solution to your problem by controlled mind.If you are controlling your mind you are in relaxed state then you can think creative solution for your problem.

    Motivation is a tendency,which induces a person to act in a certain way.
    It is the active impulse to achieve a goal.
    Motives energize,sustain and regulate our behaviour.
    Motivation is needed in every field of education.
    The success of teaching learning process depends on incentives,encouragement and all those forces that set the child to learning activity.
    so lets all be a good motivator.

    The following lines should be remembered by all
    Have a positive thinking and mental toughness then only you can able to succeed in your life.
    A person with negative attitude feels bitter,tires easily and have a health problems.
    Understand your plus points in you.
    Think highly about you.
    Think that you can ,you must and you will and have a will power.


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