Are you tired of lugging tons of stuff to and from college every year? Do you worry about transporting all of your possessions to and from college places additional amounts of strain on the college experience. It’s important to be able to focus on the most important issues at the start of a new semester. Storage rental solutions are often the ideal way for students to de-clutter, and save space without having to compromise. Here are some of the best advantages students have when renting a storage facility during college.

1 Less Clutter

It is amazing how much stuff adds to a person’s college room belongings in a year. Decorations, clothes, pictures, books, papers and the list continues for a while. There is no use lugging everything home, especially if you are traveling by plane, as multiple bags can produce additional baggage fees from the airline. Store it and it is ready to easily move in for the next school year. This is also a place to store belongings if a student is studying abroad for a semester or more.

2 More Space

Another benefit is having a place to store seasonal clothes, such as winter clothes, which are not needed at certain types of year. Residence hall space is sparse. Save space by using a storage unit and college students won’t have to request items in the mail, purchase items or get caught off guard. Walking across campus wearing flip-flops during an unexpected snow storm does not have to happen. They will have everything they need close to them.

3 Added Security

Finding a secure location is also important — safety for
the owner and for their belongings. Storage unit safety features include:
• One key
• Closed-circuit video surveillance systems
• Monitored 24/7
• Individual door alarms
• Keypads

4 Convenient Locations

There are storage units in most areas and since college towns are usually big there are often plenty of options. Locations have websites to help in purchasing a storage unit such as US Storage Search at Website visitors are able to see what is available, including deals, and determine if there are units where they will be attending college. This will better prepare you for the transportation of your possessions and ensure that the storage facility is located in a convenient location. Units are generally located near campus for best access to students.

5 Discounts!

Ask the storage unit company if they have any student discounts available. Deals include reduced rates, $1 for the first month with a signed contract, a month free with a year contract or a variety of other options. College students and their parents typically want to find ways to save money so looking into deals for this are beneficial.

Remember if interested in a college or university, storage units are a very popular idea. This means the storage units fill quickly and the closer to campus a unit is the quicker it is in use. Call early in an effort to prevent a far distance between a residence hall or apartment and the storage unit.

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