Choosing the right lighting for your home or business is a vitally important decision. There are so many different options and styles on the market today to choose from, but by far the best option is LED lighting. We take a look at the top ten reasons why LED lighting is the best choice…

1 Style

The lighting you choose for your property has to fit in with the aesthetic, it has to enhance the style of the room and essentially it needs to look great. LED lighting has some of the most stylish options available, including the hugely popular LED light panels which look fabulous in the home or office.

2 Easy to fit

Most of us can change a light bulb easily but fitting a new lighting system into a property is far trickier. LED lighting options tend to be easy to fit, meaning quicker installation and less costly electrician fees.

3 Brightness

Unrivalled in their brightness, LED lights will brighten up the darkest of spaces. Creating a well-lit and refreshing atmosphere is key in any space, and a far cry from low wattage suspension lighting LED lights will ensure a brightener area.

4 Safety

In the workplace and the home safety is of course a high priority. How quality lighting will go a long way in reducing the risks of accidents around your property, and as mentioned the brightness of LED lighting is unrivalled meaning that they will make your property a safer place to be.

5 Improve Mood and Wellbeing

Bright lights are known for their positive effect on human mood and well-being. Creating a well-lit work place or home will ensure a much better atmosphere and higher productivity levels. LED lighting can transform those dark corners and moods with its brightness.

6 Modernity

As with all technology, lighting is constantly changing and you don’t want to be left in the dark with an old fashion method. The most important change within the lighting industry since the invention of the light bulb is that of LED lighting technology. Choosing this lighting option will bring your property into the future.


7 Energy Efficient

Energy efficient light bulbs are becoming more commonplace but still not all lighting options are compatible with them. LED lighting panels are hugely energy efficient within themselves. In fact they are up to eight percent more efficient than traditional fluorescent lights. LED LightSense panel lights provide high performance, direct replacements for traditional, less efficient lights.

8 Time saving

In today’s busy world we are all pushed for time, choosing LED lighting is choosing to save some precious time. As well as being easy to fit, meaning that disruption to home life or the working environment is minimal, they are also incredibly long lasting meaning lest time spent on arranging replacements.

9 Cost effective

Attractive lighting is often expensive, especially when kitting out an entire office. LED lighting panels have an average 50,000 hour lifespan, again significantly more than traditional fluorescent lighting, keeping replacement costs down to a minimum. And their energy efficiency means running costs are also significantly less than traditional lighting methods.

10 Eco Friendly

Unlike fluorescent lighting, which contains toxic mercury and requires specialist disposal, LED lights actually reduce your carbon footprint and are completely free of toxic elements.

About the author: Reuben Hayes writes for LED LightSense, who offer LED light solutions for both commercial and domestic applications.

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