The popularity of the tablet, or the tablet PC, is rapidly increasing. Apple, the inventor of the modern tablet, is therefore no longer the only player in the tablet PC market. Other electronics giants such as Samsung, Acer, Asus, and HP also try to capture a share in the tablet market. You not only have the different choice of brands of tablets, but also the choice of operating systems, since the different manufacturers also use different operating systems for their tablets.

What all tablets created by the major manufacturers have in common is that they all can operate through a touch screen. This is done by swiping the screen and tapping on the screen, which gives you access to the tablet commands you desire–such as playing music or a movie or opening and viewing a website or an e-book. For these commands to work to their full effect you should be able to carry a tablet PC on your person.

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Just like the desktop computer and laptop, a tablet comes equipped with an operating system. However, when we buy a PC or laptop, we do not really reflect on the choice of an operating system because for a consumer computer there is only one operating system–Windows.

For tablet PCs, things are a little different. Here only a few manufacturers use Windows as their operating system for tablets. By far–most of them use Google’s Android, and only one manufacturer uses Apple’s iOS operating system for their tablet (that is Apple themselves). It is therefore advisable to think about the tablets operating system in advance.

It is especially good to think about what operating system will come with the tablet you purchase instead of just considering the hardware aspects of the tablet. You should also think about how compatible your tablet is going to be when it comes to other hardware.

For example the Smartphone and tablet PC only work optimally together when both work on the same operating system. If the OS is the same for both then their data and apps can be shared between the Smartphone and tablet.

1 The Android Has An Alternative App For Every Popular iOS App

For now, Apple is the market leader in tablets. Most apps for tablets are therefore developed for the mobile operating system iOS (from Apple). If a particular app is available for Apple’s iPad, it does not mean automatically that same app is also available for a tablet that runs on the Android operating system from Google. However, quite often a similar app will be available for the Android. Whether one is better than the other is really for you to decide.

2 The Android Has More Apps Than Any Windows Operated Tablet PC Design

Windows is still actually a bit behind in the area of operating systems for tablet PCs. This means not only that there are few tablets run on Windows, but it also means that there are few apps for Windows available – when we compare the amount of apps already made for the iPad and tablets that run on Android.

3 The Android Syncs Up Perfectly With The Smartphone

Already have a Smartphone that runs on Android? Then the most logical choice is that you also buy a tablet that runs on Android. If you own an iPhone, then you should probably choose the iPad tablet PC. This makes your life with these mobile devices a bit less complicated since you can synchronize them up as you use them.

4 The Android OS Is More Flexible

If you install the Android OS then your tablet device will bend like rubber. Well not really, but because the Android OS is built on Open Source programming it means that a lot more can be done with it. A programmer is allowed to take the original code and fiddle with it to create new software, updates and apps.

If however the OS is owned by a company (such as iOS is owned by Apple) then only the owner can say what can and cannot be done with the source code. They can and do impose restrictions on the freedoms of programmers.

People making software and apps for the Android have no such restrictions, and so have more flexibility to do more things. This makes the Android more useful because you are going to find a wider range of apps and tools on the Android.

5 Androids Are Priced For All Pockets

You will find an Android tablet to suit any pocket. Frankly the most useful thing about a tablet device is the ability to own one. Therefore, if just about anyone can afford an Android, but only a few can afford an iPad then the Android is the most useful tablet device OS around.

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