When you sit down to use your computer, it’s probable that you will use the Internet. We’ve come to rely on this source for news, communications, banking and entertainment. Information seems to multiply daily, and the expanse of the Internet can be difficult to visualize. While we love to have quick access to a variety of subjects and ideas, the use of models, graphs and charts can help in putting the extent of the information into perspective.

There number of pages on the Web is estimated at a trillion, while users number approximately 2.2 billion, approximately one-third of the planet’s population. If the pages available were represented in physical form, there would be enough paper to fill the Empire State Building 2.1 million times or to cover the state of Alaska almost 2,000 times. Virtual property, translated into a physical equivalent, would be approximately 1,136,363,636 square miles in area. Online publishing is an amazing phenomenon, condensing information and making it so easily accessible.

Source: Health-Information-Technology.net

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