Although I’ve never seen any of these Google Street View vehicles myself, there are hundreds of them constantly driving (and walking, skiing, scuba-ing) around the globe to thoroughly map entire cities. Google even maps the inside of famous buildings, under water and in recreational parks.

If you’re wondering how they’re doing all this, check out the equipment they are using in this short list of 6 Google Street View Vehicles.

To begin I wanted to write some information about the Street View Camera equipment itself, but there is hardly anything to be found. All I found out is that the current equipment is the 4th generation of cameras, each generation bringing a clearer picture.



Let’s continue with the vehicles and equipment used to drive this huge camera around.

1Google Street View Car

The car is obviously used for the regular city streets. Camera installations can be made on anything from a small sedan to a large SUV for more adventurous roads.


2Google Street View Trekker – backpack

This interesting backpack is used by hikers and trekkers to cover places like the Grand Canyon, but also snowy terrains like ski pistes.


3Google Street View Trike – tricycle

This awesome bike can also be used for mapping cities’ footpaths, dirt roads, small alleyways and so on.


4Google Street View Trolley

Mostly used for locations such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Trolley is so thin that it can easily be pushed around sculptures and statues. Or it can simply do the painting watching for you.


5Google Street View Snowmobile

If skiing using the Trekker backpack isn’t going to cut it, this beast can help out. Antarctica here we come!


6Google Street View SVII mini-sub

Probably every diver’s dream, as this mini-sub not only maps 3D images of underwater beauty, but it also does the swimming for you at 3km/hr.



Have you ever seen any of these vehicles/devices?

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